Balloon FAQ

Here are the most common questions I got as a balloon twister during my balloon shows and from BalloonPlay community who bought my balloon animal kits I am sure it will help you out to choose the right balloon kit or balloons for you.

If you do have more questions that I did not list here, please feel free to contact me via email:


Q: For what ages your balloon animal kit suite for?

A: I get this question a lot “from what age I can make balloon animals?” “Or can my kid make balloon animal by herself?” well… to answer these types of questions we need to ask ourselves, who is creating the balloon animals? The kid by himself or with the help of an adult or an older kid. from my experience of more than 26 years doing balloon workshops, these are the right answers.

To inflate, using a good handheld balloon pump, and to tie a balloon animal nozzle and to make balloon animals the average age is 9yrs old, I did see kids 6 and 7 years old mastering these skills but they are not representing the majority of kids.

To create basic balloon animal sculptures after the balloon animal was inflated and tied by an older kid/brother/parent/grandparent, then I can positively say that kids from the age of 4 years old can make some very cool basic long balloons shapes.

Q: My code to the app did not work

A: For each balloon animal kit that I offer, I created a balloon course that you can find either on GooglePlay,

AppStore or here on my website . all codes should work if you follow the instruction I enclosed in each balloon animal kit box. If they do not work it might be to the following reasons:

  1. You are not connected to the internet while using the app for the first time
  2. You tried to log in to the wrong course
  3. The 0 is the number 0 and not the letter O

I forgot to update a new set of codes that come in a new version of the balloon animal kit I just launched. This happened in the beginning when I first launched the Balloon App and its balloon courses and now it is very rare.. but it might happen as I am not perfect. Check out this video too.


Q: Can I watch the video on the App offline?

A: Yes! Of course, you can! I have added this feature after listening to a customer who wants to have their kids playing with my kits on their holidays and did not have any WiFi connection where they stayed or wanted to put their mobile on “Flight mode” for less mobile device radiation.

So this is what you need to do:

  1. You need to make sure you have enough space in your device as the videos are not that small in weight, they are average of 35MB each
  2. It might take a min or 2 to download so not to worry if the system will not responsive and the download presentation is on 0% as it jumping to 100%
  3. The video will play while downloading, so do not worry about this either.


Q: Are your balloon animals good enough for professional twisters or just beginners?

A: a very good question I must say.

Sourcing good professional balloon animals and in general good quality latex balloons is a VERY difficult task!

I am after ONLY high-quality balloons from professional factories that I visit and on the other hand, I need to keep prices in the right mark to make my Balloon Animal kits affordable to all. So in my balloon Animal kits, I have 3 different kinds of balloon animals.

For amateurs and professional balloon twisters
Customers do not know that there is a BIG gap between the cheap crappy balloon animals, most of the seller sale to the high-end balloon animals as for the average Joe, a balloon is just a balloon, right?
Well… wrong and you can see it in the review of my competitors that customer complaint about the balloon quality and in my listing, you won’t find it, well, maybe 1 or 2.

So, to answer your questions.
If you are a professional balloon artist or budget is not an issue for you, you can buy my Professional balloon animals which I manage to source from a factory with more than 60 year’s experience in this industry and they are top quality for high-end balloon twisting work.
In all my other balloon animal kit, I use good quality balloons that I tested in my balloon animal workshop I do! They are long enough, strong enough to complete all the balloon projects you will find in my app.

Yes, the balloon does pop, however, the popping rate is normally between 3%-7% and it all depends on the way you inflate, tie and twist the balloons. On my Balloon courses, you will find videos that give you the tips and tricks to twists and sculpted with balloon animals the right way.


Q: From what ages kids can make balloon animal sculptures?

A: The answer for these questions is in the questions above, look for: For what ages your balloon animal kit suite for?


Q: Are balloon animals dangerous for kids?

A: Everything is dangerous for anyone if they do not use it correctly, right? So, happy we agreed on that. ✅

As a balloon comedian and a twister with more than 25 year’s experience doing balloons workshop for all ages. And I am a father of 3 lovely kids and if your kid is below 8, I suggest you explain why we do not inflate balloon with our mouth and explain why we do not put them in our month and most important, be around, ideally, take part in this fun activity of balloon animal making, I promise you , you will love it and your kids will go crazy with the fun you will have together.

For kids above 8, they can manage by themselves to work with my balloon animal kit, I do suggest you explain why it is good to use my balloon handheld pump before you send them to have fun with the kit, but all in all, they can manage.

Again, I can’t stress enough how much I encourage you to join them for this fun and connecting, bonding experience, you will laugh a lot together.


Q: Are your balloons animal biodegradable?

A: Yes, all the balloon I source are made of natural latex and biodegradable, some are 100% natural latex and some 90%, however, they are all biodegradable faster than you think! So please do not listen to those who claim that “Balloon damage the environment” let me tell you what brought this perception on balloons, which is not true! the balloons that do damage the environment are those that are sent to the sky with hilum aka “balloon release”, why? As they land in the sea and slowly getting to the shores! This is a very bad act that unfortunately customers do ask from balloon décor businesses and you know… money is a factory, unfortunately…

But! the good news is that cities around the world, starting to enforce the balloon release events and is it not allowed any many places around the world already! So I do hope that in the next few years it will be a matter of the past. The balloons that in my kit are biodegradable and I teach in my balloon videos what you can do with all the balloon leftovers that you have after hours of balloon twisting fun. So for those who purchase my balloon animal kit, they do not left with any balloon leftover.


Q: I find it hard to blow up your metallic/chrome animal balloons, why?

A: The Metallic/chrome long balloons are relatively new breed in the balloon animal world and factory are still finding the right material compositing when manufacturing them, therefore, the Chrome long balloons are thicker and a bit harder to blow using my balloon handheld pump and to tie and to twist, please do check out the video I made with some basic hack that will show you how to use them properly.


Q: Do you ship your balloon animal kit product range internationally?

A: Yes we do, we have a flat fee shipping rate for all countries that are outside the US and the UK of US$15.

All our shipping is tracked and signed for and we do our best to ship them within 24hrs of order receipt.

you should receive your order within 7 to 14 days depending on your location in the world.