My First Balloon Animals post

Hi Everyone, 🤡 Well... I finally found the time to do it! start my own Balloon Animal Blog 🥳 it took me ages to sit down and start writing.. not that I do nto have what to write..I am in the balloon world for more than 24 years now and I evolve in this world so much so I think I can write few books of my experience as a balloon comedian and my adventures around the world with it... I will try to be coherent and add clear and interesting post including cool images of my work and videos of my balloon activities around the world. will share with you the best balloon tips, tricks and hack that I learn thought the years and that I learn daily. I will also share with you balloon animal twisting tutorials, balloon DIY projects and will tell you about new BalloonPlay product I am launching while my BalloonPlay™ brand is evolve. I am sure that it is going to be super fan for all. Watch that space 👀 See you soon, Eldi 🎈