Just launched my new Balloon Animal Kit 0.1

Fun Balloon Time with the kids at the day we all gathered to create some cool images

Just launched my new Balloon Animal Kit 0.1, this is a new pilot version so we all gathered around, I asked few fined to bring their kids, brought my 3 kids, we played some music, some snack and open few balloon kits, switched on the Balloon App and with minor directions from me we the kids play.

It was so nice to see that all kids on the set, from 3yrs old to 14 yrs old loved it, I did not need to tell them to much what to do... they played and we took pictures.

They where testing the balloons, twisting them, following some of my balloon animal tutorials and wile you could hear balloon popping here and there it did not stop them from keep on twisting.

The DIY project were a hit and I loved to see how they improvised without my Balloon App after they got the gist of it and what they can do with this fabulous latex.

Here are few images I picked up, I loved the one when they are all jumping! kids just love watching balloons in the air.

Take care

See you in the next one